Free Range Food Co-op


Once it's built, everyone is welcome and can shop at the co-op.  But, since the co-op is legally owned by it's members, it's crucial to have a strong ownership foundation.  Every person that becomes an owner of Free Range Food Co-op right now makes a direct impact on the development of the co-op.  That is because the number of owners the co-op has, correlates to the level of support within the community.  Your ownership investment builds equity for the co-op, both financially and through your show of support as an owner. And when you join the co-op, your ownership means something even more.  You become a part of something bigger: a group of community members working together to grow a business that meets their needs.

When you become an owner, you are purchasing ownership stock in the co-op. The cost of an ownership investment is $100. This is a one-time fee (no annual renewals) and covers a household of up to 3 adults.  There are a number of different payment plans available to help make it affordable to everyone.  Joining is quick and easy! You can either join online and pay with a credit or debit card, or print and mail in your application with a check.

Gifting an ownership can be done any time of the year.  A Co-op ownership is a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary gift, Valentines Day, Christmas, or during an ownership drive.  Also, purchasing a gift ownership for someone shows them that you know they value the power of community, creating a culture of health and wellness, and better access to local, organic and whole foods and goods.  A gift ownership is purchased the same way as a personal ownership, except it requires a different form to allow for additional information, and directions on where to send the ownership certificate.  


Would you like to be contacted to serve on a committee, or to help with fundraising?