Free Range Food Co-op

Free Range Food Co-op is a start-up cooperative owned and organized entirely by community members. The mission is to open a community owned grocery store in Grand Rapids that prioritizes local, organic and natural foods and goods.


Free Range Food Co-op is a start-up food co-op currently being organized in the Grand Rapids area by community members who want better access to local, organic and natural foods and goods. Free Range Food Co-op will be a full service, community-owned grocery store that will provide affordable, healthy, local, organic and sustainable food and products. As a member-owned cooperative, Free Range Food Co-op will make decisions to maximize service to its owners and our community. Free Range Food Co-op will be a place to shop for healthy food and products, as well as a welcoming and friendly community space for people to gather. The co-op will be a leader in socially responsible and sustainable business practices in all aspects of its operations and will collaborate with others in working toward positive environmental and social goals for our community.

The success of Free Range Food Co-op relies on the broad support of both our owners and the community. Please join us and become an owner today!


Attend a class or gathering (or host one yourself!)

Stop by the FRFC table at community events in Grand Rapids and surrounding cities throughout the year. Follow our Facebook page for class and event announcements.

Attend a meeting or join a co-op team.


As we work through the process of opening Free Range Food Co-op, we will be following a timeline that includes three main stages of development. This timeline is driven both by task completion and owner growth and support. Both are closely evaluated before we move on to the next stage.


This grocery store concept was created by Wilkus Architects as a way for us to show that Free Range Food Co-op will be a physical grocery store in Grand Rapids with real people, real food and real impact. It is displayed on a big poster board in the FRFC office, at Old Central School, Suite 202. Stop in and see it up close!

"We have been part of the lakewinds Food Co-op in the Twin Cities since 2001. Having access to quality, locally grown produce and being a part of a health conscious community has been an amazing experience that has had a positive impact on the well-being of our family. We are excited about the possibility of a food co-op in Grand Rapids where we hope to connect with like minded individuals that support local food growers."
Kathy & Kent Vilendrer, Owners # 583

"A food co-op provides locally grown, healthy food that helps our community grow and prosper."
Tom & Annette Pagel, Owners #457